Want To Make Fried Food Healthier? Try These Tips!

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Fried food has consistently ranked first among all food items. It is also considered that frying food improves and enhances its flavour. However, because oil contains many calories, it transfers to the food when it’s fried, making it harmful for people. Excessive oil in diet can cause various health problems, including high cholesterol and other heart illnesses. However, if you enjoy fried meals and want to learn how to make them healthy, here are a few tips to consider when preparing fried dishes.

new oil

Use new oil

In most households, excess oil is frequently re-used to fry various foods. On the other hand, experts advise that whenever you cook something, you should always use new, fresh, and clean oil. What is the reason for this? This is because re-using the same oil diminishes its nutritious worth. Re-using the same oil with small food particles also affects the taste of the food, reduces its nutritional content, and generates carcinogens in the oil, all of which are damaging to one’s health.

Keep the oil temperature at a proper level

People frequently become overly anxious and fry when the oil is not hot enough when frying any food item. When frying any food, it’s important to remember that the oil should be at the right temperature. This is because if the oil is not hot adequately, it will soak a lot of oil. On the other hand, if the oil is really hot, only the surface layer will be cooked while the inside would remain uncooked.

But how will you know that? You may find out by getting a kitchen thermometer, which will allow you to correctly check the oil temperature, using which you can begin frying at the proper temperature. Every food item needs a different oil temperature for frying, and thus this tool will be beneficial.

Use baking soda

Some people may believe that adding baking soda to food is a bad idea. While frying, however, this is not the issue. If you’re going to fry something using batter, make sure to include some baking soda. Baking soda generates gas bubbles in the batter, which helps minimise oil uptake in the food, making the dish healthier.

fried items

Use the right products

Often fried items are usually wrapped up in a batter or crumbs to make the texture and taste the dish better. Therefore, it is important to use the right products for frying. Items like refined flour should be omitted and replaced with cornmeal flour and other gluten-free flour, which offers a similar taste but adds up to the nutrition value.

Healthy oil is a must

Using a healthy oil for frying can unquestionably improve the nutritional worth of the dish. As a result, experts recommend reducing the usage of refined oil and instead opting for olive oil, clarified butter, or fresh mustard oil, which have a more stable temperature than other oils and increase the nutritional value of the food making it healthy.

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