Best restaurants in Buzios, Brazil

Buzios has been referred to as the Brazilian counterpart of the French resort town of St. Tropez ever since the star Brigitte Bardot spent time there. It is the perfect weekend retreat for Rio’s wealthy elite, thanks to its gorgeous beaches, crystal blue seas, and lively nightlife. There is an abundance of high-quality restaurants in Buzios, serving anything from seafood and barbecued meats to unique dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine. These are some of the best restaurants in Buzios.


O Barco

This cozy waterfront eatery has built its name on serving delicious delicacies at affordable prices, including anything from fried fish served with rice and vegetables to entire seafood dishes. You can experience excellent opportunities to see the locals and the ocean from each of the eight tables situated on the lovely terrace. Individual customers will be pleased to see a large selection of specific meals on the menu, which is rare for the couple-oriented Buzios.



Mistico’s compact dining area, which features glass walls and is positioned high on a hill between Armaco and Ossos and Close to best selection of Spas in Buzios, has one of the most breathtaking views of the sea in Buzios. On the menu, you’ll find a wide variety of creative seafood dishes, such as handmade gnocchi produced with squid ink and served with saffron cream and roasted vegetables, and a combination that includes octopus prepared in the Provencal style, broiled salmon, tataki, lobster baguettes, and crunchy octopus balls.


Rocka Beach Lounge

Rocka Beach Lounge is a laid-back spot that overlooks Praia Brava and provides terrific views of the ocean. Visiting the location is not something that you should do in a hurry. Following a meal from their extensive and delectable seafood buffet, many guests spend the rest of the day lounging on the hillside chairs to soak up some sunshine, socialise, or soak up the incredible scenery.

Fishbone Café

Take in breathtaking vistas of the lake and relax in a serene atmosphere at Fishbone Cafe’s waterfront terrace. The lunch menu features a diverse selection of dishes, including hearty fish stews, refreshing summer salads, and various sandwich alternatives. It is the perfect place to spend the day sipping on chilled wine or beer while taking in the stunning scenery of the local tropical area.


Chez Michou

The variety of flavorful crepes offered at Chez Michou first draws in the customers, but the restaurant’s vibrant environment ultimately keeps them there. Crepes can be stuffed with anything from traditional ingredients like cheese and ham to more daring choices like chicken in a curry sauce.   The establishment features a bustling outside bar that broadcasts all significant games on televisions rather large and features live music on the weekends.


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